Palin Joke Cost Joan Rivers Her Booking on ‘Fox and Friends,’ Rivers Says. Fox Says Not True. Rivers Says She’ll Take Lie-Detector Test to Prove Her Version of What Happened Is the Truth

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Joan Rivers said a joke she made about Sarah Palin last Friday cost her a booking this morning, Jan. 20, 2011, on "Fox and Friends," according to a number of media outlets.

In the story on Yahoo’s The Cutline blog, they have a statement from Fox on Wednesday denying that was the reason Rivers wasn’t on the show:  " ‘Due to the volume of news topics tomorrow morning and a full show, our booker mistakenly canceled Joan’s appearance instead of re-scheduling her for Friday’s show,’ said executive producer Lauren Petterson in a statement Wednesday. ‘We’re in the process of booking her on an upcoming show.’ "

The article says that in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, Rivers wrote, "I was cancelled from Fox for saying Palin is ‘stupid and a threat’. Wait till I REALLY shock them with Aretha Franklin is a bit chubby!"

After hearing that Fox denied her version of events, the story says "Rivers told PopEater’s Rob Shuter that ‘she’s willing to take a lie detector test to prove FOX canned her over her Palin comments.’ She also used a phrase not fit for publication to express that she will not accept Fox News Channel’s invitation to have her back."

The Yahoo article notes that the brouhaha, according to Rivers, started last Friday, Jan. 14, 2011: "On Friday, Rivers was at the Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles when a TMZ reporter asked her, ‘Do you think Sarah Palin should be our president in 2012?’ She responded, sarcastically: ‘I think Sarah Palin is an amazing woman. I think she represents everything a strong woman should be. And she should go someplace–to another planet, and show them, and get out of our face.’ Asked what she thought about ‘people in Tucson’ and ‘big media outlets’ blaming Palin for the recent shootings in Arizona, Rivers said: ‘They’re right to blame Sarah for the shootings. Go look at her website. … This woman is stupid, and a threat.’ "


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