Producer Spills Secrets of Thriller That Will Bring ‘Buffy’s’ Sarah Michelle Gellar Back to Network TV

Jan 26, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Peter Traugott, producer of the pilot for CBS’s hotly anticipated thriller “Ringer,” has revealed details about the show that, if it goes to series, will mark “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to regular network TV, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Traugott, who heads Brillstein Entertainment Partners, which is producing “Ringer,” described the show as “an edgy thriller about redemption and about revenge. There’s a point of view of two twin sisters who grew apart over a tragedy in their past. And one now seeks redemption and the other one seeks revenge.”

Getting Gellar to play the lead, however, required changing the mind of a star who had her sights set on cable. “Sarah had started thinking about coming back to TV a couple of years ago and she really wanted it to be something in cable,” Traugott told EW. “In part just because of the subject matter you’re able to do in cable. But network television now has cracked that door a little bit and they’ve obviously been doing great stuff in network.”

Gellar will play both sisters, Traugott said–Siobhan and Bridget. Siobhan dies early in the story, and Bridget, who’s in a dark place in her own life, takes over Siobhan’s life. Gellar later plays Siobhan mainly in flashbacks as the story focuses on Bridget.

Will Gellar’s character be heroic, a la Buffy? “I wouldn’t say that,” Traugott told EW. “It’s not that kind of a show. It’s more of a thriller. But we think it shows a lot of different layers to Sarah, and her character is so interesting and compelling. Very different from the Buffy character, but there’s a lot there for the audience to grab onto.”

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  1. It is a show that belongs on cable. 10-12 episode seasons fit a show lilke this. It will have trouble reaching a third season as this type of plot-line can’t carry 22-25 episodes a year for very long.

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