Regis Approaches Another TV Veteran–Who’s Also Ending a Long Run on a Show–About Possibly Working Together

Jan 26, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Regis Philbin is ending his run on “Live With Regis and Kelly,” but he’s not ready to retire, says another TV veteran who reports that Philbin talked with her about possibly working together, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Mary Hart, who’s leaving “Entertainment Tonight,” talked about her conversation with Philbin during an appearance today at NATPE in Miami Beach.

“Regis doesn’t want to use the R word–retirement–and neither do I,” Hart said. Philbin also mentioned their meeting during his own NATPE appearance.

Hart and Philbin were both honored Tuesday night during the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Awards, and they both say during that event they had a conversation about working together. Beyond that, they’re not providing many details. But they did work together before–in 1981, on a short-lived talk show, the story reports.


  1. This is a great idea and I am sure it would do very well in syndication. Both of these stars are far from finished. It is too bad that they were pushed out because of their age. There are a lot of Baby Boomers out here who love them and who have a lot of money to spend on advertisers since we can’t afford to retire!

  2. How do know that they were “pushed out”.
    I really doubt it, or do you have real inside information that no one else has?

  3. If offering you less money when its time to renew your contract isn’t a big hint… I guess that’s not a push so much as a clearing of the throat and a nod towards the door.

  4. Regis is so needy. Retire already. Go away.
    Enjoy your remaining years. what an egomaniac.

  5. “….not a push so much as a clearing of the throat and a nod towards the door.” That’s a good one!
    I think his current syndicator is getting nervous

  6. Combining talk and entertainment news with Philbin and Hart would be terrific. Hope it happens. Individuals of their stature are brands too, like producers WABC-Disney. To be insulted with a big pay cut while delivering the kind of ratings Regis had was an ill-advised power play. Respect brand value. Learn from Discovery.

  7. Sure…I’m a syndicator who’s going to invest millions in an 80 year old talk show host….doesn’t sound like a great long term investment.

  8. Although I see and agree with both sides of this arguement, given the current state of the economy and ad sales (which seem to be improving), I probably would have taken the pay cut just to keep the gig and use that time to expand my brand.
    Both Ms. Hart and Mr. Philbin are icons in their own right, but have not laid the ground work to expand their own unique brands as David Letterman, Oprah and Conan have done and are doing. To become owners of their own shows/content.
    Reege earns 20 million give or take a year and Mary Hart (the face of “E.T.” for nearly 30 years), five million (give or take) which tells me that if they have invested wisely that they could form their own production company, produce and sell the show on their own and continue to count the millions that they will earn as owners and not employees. Just a thought…But yes, in a youth oriented culture, no one is going to bet on a sixty year old woman or an eighty year old man. Being the gambler that I am, I sure would though…LOL…

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