CBS and Warner Bros. To Remake Stephen King Popular Classic. This Time It Won’t Be a TV Mini-Series, But a Theatrical Movie

Feb 1, 2011  •  Post A Comment

CBS is partnering with Warner Bros. to remake a Stephen King classic, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

But this time King’s "The Stand," which was aired as a six-hour mini-series on ABC in 1994, will get the big screen treatment.

According to the article, ‘Warner Bros. and CBS Films are teaming to adapt the novel, which in many ways set the bar for a generation of post-apocalyptic stories and influenced works ranging from TV’s Lost to music group Anthrax."

Later on the story says, "CBS has held the rights for many years but recently realized the best way to undertake the project was with a partner. Warners beat out Fox and Sony in a tight bidding war for the gig, getting its hands on one of the biggest-selling books of all time.CBS, meanwhile, gets a chance to be involved in an ambitious big-budget tentpole with little downside. The company just released its fourth movie, "The Mechanic," which performed better than expected this weekend with an opening of $11.4 million."

The article also notes that " ‘The Stand’ is a story of good vs. evil after a virus wipes out most of the American population. While it features dozens of characters (such as the Trashcan Man and Mother Abigail) and overlapping story lines running over many years, the struggle boils down to a group of survivors fighting the Antichrist-like Randall Flagg. The novel was originally published in 1978, but by the time it was rereleased in 1990 with King adding and revising portions of the story, it had achieved cult-like status."


  1. What a horrible idea. You can’t adapt a 1,0000+ page novel into a 2 hour movie and retain the heart of it. Besides, the tv miniseries was actually quite good.

  2. This is incredibly stupid, given how much of the story needed to be left out just to fit it into the mini-series.
    I can’t imagine how you could stuff the story into even a 2.5 hour film – there’s just too much depth to it.

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