Lohan Offers an Excuse for Alleged Necklace Theft, May Catch a Break on Felony Charge

Feb 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan has provided an explanation for her failure to return an allegedly stolen necklace to a Venice, Calif., jewelry store, the New York Daily News reported. Meanwhile, TMZ.com reported that the actress may catch a break if it turns out the necklace is overpriced.

Lohan reportedly said she intended to return the necklace the day after she left the store with it, but she was too busy. She has also said that the store knowingly loaned her the item.

Meanwhile, the value of the necklace has come into question, with some experts saying it may not be worth enough to qualify for a felony theft charge. If the fair market value of the piece turns out to be less than $950, the charge would likely be reduced from grand theft to petty theft.

An informal survey of L.A.-area dealers produced assessments ranging from $1,000 to less than $800 for the value of the necklace, TMZ reported. That puts it in misdemeanor range.


  1. It may be over priced, but the stores listed price is normally what police use as the value of something stolen from a retail store. However, Lohan has such a good lawyer that the store may be talked into paying Lohan for all of the publicity that she has given the store. I just wish I was rich enough to afford Lohan’s lawyer, if I ever got arrested.

  2. Oh, so Lindsay just FORGOT to return it. That explains it all.

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