Obama Demands Roundup of Lara Logan’s Attackers

Feb 17, 2011  •  Post A Comment

President Barack Obama is demanding justice from the Egyptian government in the attack on CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, the New York Post reports.

The White House has told the Egyptian government it wants the men who attacked Logan to be rounded up and brought to justice, with the State Department saying that the U.S. expects an investigation and accountability in any violence during the demonstrations, the story says.

Obama called the "60 Minutes" correspondent to ask about her well-being and express his concern, the story says. Logan, 39, was home with her husband and two children on Wednesday but, according to friends, won’t be able to return to work anytime soon because of serious internal injuries, the article says.

Nihal Saad, as spokeswoman for the Egyptian Mission in New York, decried the attack and said Egypt would investigate all of the attacks on journalists covering events in Egypt. "What happened to Miss Logan is by all means unacceptable and shameful," she said.

Meanwhile, ABC News correspondent Ashleigh Banfield wrote in a separate piece in the Post that sexual attacks are a “sad little secret” that female war reporters face when covering stories overseas. “It doesn’t often escalate to the kind of atrocities meted out upon Lara Logan in Egypt, but it can, and it does,” Banfield wrote.


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