Prime-Time Casualty: NBC Pulls the Plug on Low-Rated Drama

Feb 3, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC has seen enough of one of its low-rated dramas and has pulled the show from its midseason schedule, writes James Hibberd in Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV blog.

The show is “Chase,” which has been a low achiever in its Wednesday slot. NBC tried out two hours of “Minute to Win It” instead this week, and the game show delivered a rating in the 18-49 demo that was better than double what “Chase” turned in the previous week.

“Minute to Win It” scored a 3.0 average rating, a big improvement on “Chase’s” 1.2, the story says. So NBC will go forward with a two-hour block of “Minute” on Wednesdays, including original episodes at 9 p.m. and a mixture of reruns and originals at 8 p.m., according to the report.


  1. Unfortunately, NBC pitted this show against the remake of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS and the returning Castle on ABC. I DVR’d both Hawaii Five-0 and Chase and overall I much preferred Chase.
    Probably like so many other viewers that used to watch the old Hawaii Five-0 with Jack Lord, the name is what enticed me to watch this program plus I am familiar with many of the actors on the program as well which was a draw as well. Unfortunately, this new version bears little to no resemblance to its namesake and for some reason I am rapidly loosing interest. My point is that a certain amount of the ratings given to Hawaii Five-0 is possibly from people like me wanting a truly reborn program. This version fails miserably.
    Chase was new and different from the usual diet that is available on network television and that is what drew me to it.
    My DVR has never missed an episode and I have watched every one. Like Hawaii Five-0, Chase, overall, had a great ensemble cast. Maybe, NBC should move Chase to one of cable networks like USA Network. It would probably do very well there as it is certainly on par with several shows that I DVR there like Burn Notice and White Collar. Of course, that will not happen.
    Sorry to see it go.

  2. Now just get rid of “The Cape” and we’ll be all set.
    Obviously NBC learned nothing from the shameful lesson of “Heroes”. At least there the program started out with promise but was dragged into a ridiculous soap opera by Tim Kring. But “The Cape”? My God, who greenlighted that mess? They could have featured Summer Glau in a bikini in every scene and I STILL wouldn’t have continued to watch.
    OK that’s a lie but I would have at least muted the audio.

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