Sheen Wants to Compensate Crew for Downtime; Actor and CBS Have Different Timetables for Resuming Production on ‘Men’

Feb 9, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Charlie Sheen says he’s ready to get back to work on his hit CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” and he wants to help pay the crew for the two weeks of downtime caused by his absence, TMZ.com reports.

Sheen is offering to pay one-third of the crew’s salaries, provided that CBS and producer Warner Bros. each pick up another third, the story reports. The actor is reportedly upset that the network and studio have not already offered to pay the crew.

CBS said it has not been contacted about paying a share of the salaries, and Warner Bros. isn’t talking about the offer. The studio did provide a generic statement: "We sincerely hope that Charlie’s rehab is going well. We hope that he is healthy in the very near future and we look forward to the return of production of ‘Two and a Half Men.’"

Sheen reportedly said he is ready to return to work next week to complete the show’s current season. But CBS is saying that timetable is unlikely and the best-case scenario has the show resuming production around the end of February.


  1. Sheen should pay the crew himself. It’s his fault and it would only be one week’s salary for him to cover the crew for a month. Maybe that’s one more way to let reality sink in that this is a big problem that affects the people around him.

  2. I really have to give credit for Charlie Sheen having a conscious about his fellow staffers being compensated for downtime, and his offer of paying one third the missed salaries of his fellow staffers on the show. The question however, is CBS and Warner Brothers responsible for making up the loss of the downtime due to Sheen’s activities? Warner Brothers should have wrote around Charlie’s absence to keep the staff and co-stars working, but that didn’t happen. Since Charlie’s absence from the set was not due to an illness in a traditional sense, CBS does not have an actual obligation to compensate the staff of ’Two & A Half Men’ anymore than Warner Brother’s has. So, I would suggest Charlie step up to the plate and fully compensate the staff during his absence. Its obvious ’Two & A Half Men’ will be popular in syndication for quite sometime to come, thus Charlie’s share of the off-network revenues will make up for any shortfalls for doing the right thing. One note, I’m glad Charlie’s rehabilitation is going well enough, he’ll be back on the set of ’Two & A Half Men’ to complete this seasons first-run episodes. Charlie, hang in there, and just look at this as one of life’s lessons to learn from!-) – Andrew Boggs, BA –

  3. You are all kidding yourself if you think his rehab is going to work. His crack about Errol Flynn says it all about how serious he is about rehab. He will be back to his old habits in a short period of time.

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