Whoa! Take This, Verizon: AT&T Offering the 8GB 3GS iPhone for Just….$49

Feb 10, 2011  •  Post A Comment

AT&T has lowered the price of the 8GB 3GS iPhone to just $49.

Consumers can also buy this phone through Apple at this new low price, but only for customers willing to take a two-year contract with AT&T.

That’s a $50 saving from what the phone was selling for, and it was a bargain at $99.

AT&T  just started running TV commercials advertising the new low price. Apple lowered the price of the phone at its online and brick and mortar outlets with no accompanying announcement.


  1. U get what u pay for. AT&T iPhone is shit.

  2. A bargain at $99 you say? How so? It’s not even a bargain at $50.
    The total cost of ownership of any smartphone is in the thousands for each contract. Why not buy the latest and greatest? What’s that extra $150 amortized over the lifetime of a 2-year contract?
    Folks that fall for this are setting themselves up for disappointment, especially since this this thing will be 2 generations old in a few months.

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