Can This Get Any More Weird? After Hearing That He Was Fired, Charlie Sheen Goes to Roof of Building, Draws Machete

Mar 8, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After hearing that he was fired from "Two and a Half Men" yesterday, "Charlie Sheen just climbed to the top of a building in Beverly Hills, pulled out a MASSIVE machete’ … and waved it around in post-termination triumph … all while drinking a bottle of Tiger Blood," reported TMZ

The article continues, "It all went down at the Live Nation office building in Beverly Hills … where Charlie said he had a top-secret meeting with some old friends."

Strange as it sounds, you can click on the TMZ link above and watch the videotape of the incident.


  1. Yes, it can get more weird. He’s mentally ill, which automatically removes him from being used for our amusement. If he goes to the roof and blows his own brains out, will the media THEN realize that someone could have HELPED this father of two young children, rather than keep the circus going? Shame. What’s next? Making fun of the retarded?

  2. I’m glad to see that someone got this right.
    Watching Charlie Sheen’s interviews sadly reminds me of the path a friend of mine was on a few years ago. A great actor plagued by alcohol problems, we watched him slowly acting more weird and more weird. One day he was walking down the street with some friends and suddenly left the group. We found out a few days later that he had died after jumping in front of a car.
    Sheen is great right now for media circus but, as you say, it can definitely get more weird.

  3. Charlie Sheen thinks people are laughing with him but, they are laughing at him.

  4. You really don’t get it, do you? Sheen is an ACTOR, his new conferences, press briefings, and the like are not that if a nut or ill person, they are an act. Many of the things he has said are stupid, granted, but much of what he is saying in a somewhat comic way make perfect sense.
    You really should look at the creator/producers history. He seems to have t5rouble with his actors in his past shows after a few years. Think Brett Butler for one. Perhaps HE is really the problem in this whole mess, not Sheen or, for that matter, any of the actors. If he is smart, Les Moonves, and CBS, should look at that dynamic. After all another actor, no matter who, is going to take Sheen’s place. And that means CBS will take an economic bath. Maybe it is time to have Warner Brothers replace the producer and bring back the star who took them to the golden egg, Two and a Half Men If history is an indication of the future, and they change stars, the show will TANK next season. Maybe Sheen’s demands are a little over the top, but why kill the goose that lays the golden egg in CBS’s bank account. Moonves is surely a better business man than that. Sumner Redstone won’t be happy to loose the revenue I’m sure.In my opinion, all Sheen has done is make the show more visible. Last two weeks, reruns and higher ratings. That should be the only thing CBS cares about. Stars make the shows rating…Producers only cause trouble and they can be replaced easier than stars. The producer created the concept, but he is killing it now. Replace HIM, not the star.!

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