FBI Investigating Hackers Who Obtained Nude Photos of Female Celebrities

Mar 18, 2011  •  Post A Comment

An FBI investigation into a hacking case targeting celebrities appears to be spreading, TMZ reported. The case initially focused on hackers obtaining nude photographs of female celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera, but it now appears to include hacking incidents against a number of sports figures and politicians as well.

Sources told the publication that the hackers have 100 active e-mail addresses of celebrities and other high-profile people.

A law enforcement source reportedly told the publication that the FBI knows who the ringleader is.

Other celebrities who are believed to have been targeted include Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ali Larter and Miley Cyrus.



  1. OK, obvious comment here – if these celebrities didn’t already have nude photos or videos just lying around, hackers wouldn’t be able to obtain them.
    How many non-celebrity females do you know just have nude photos or videos sitting around on their computers or in their saved emails?

  2. Yeah, tell that to Erin Andrews.

  3. Oh! How could such a thing…

  4. the FBI??? come on !!!

  5. Makes you wonder if they really WANT these photos and videos to be exposed. You know, any publicity is GOOD publicity!

  6. Note, we’re not talking Erin Andrews peeping here, we’re talking hackers stealing existing nude photos from these actresses’ PCs and email accounts.
    If those photos weren’t already there, they wouldn’t be available to steal.
    I mean at least keep them on a USB stick or something you don’t need to keep connected if you need to have them readily available.

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