Final Installment of ‘Sheen’s Korner’ Has Actor Declaring Himself a Messiah, Rolling Out a Hit List and Digging In for War

Mar 9, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Charlie Sheen certainly looked better in the latest installment of his Web show "Sheen’s Korner," instead of like a "disheveled hobo," but his scripted comments Tuesday delivered a 10-minute "semi-coherent rant," reports Deadline.com.

Sheen called himself "Malibu Messiah, Condor of Calabasas," and then reeled off a list of people he doesn’t want near his "gold," the story says. The list includes CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves, whom Sheen called "Less Than Goonves," and Warner Bros. TV Group President Bruce Rosenblum, whom the actor called "Bruce Daisyandwilt."

The story adds that his worst insults were again targeted toward "Two and a Half Men" co-creator Chuck Lorre, whom Sheen called "Chuck E. Cheeseball."

Sheen responded again to his firing from “Two and a Half Men,” saying, "What occurred yesterday was in fact completely illegal, in fact, unconscionable."

Tuesday’s webcast, the fourth in the series, is being called the final installment. But Sheen, who has described the current situation as a war, continued the military theme with his signoff, saying: "Stay tuned good soldiers, I’ll see you very soon. On the battlefield. Godspeed."


  1. The only person making a spectacle out of Charlie is himself. Bipolar, alcoholic, allegedly doing drugs – that is an eventual recipe for suicide. Its sad to say, but its good to know his small children are out of the atmosphere he has created. Charlie’s antics are definitely going to be a negative affect on the self esteem of his children as they grow – their dad may have once been rich – but now is looney tunes. Between his porn star ’family’ and hanger-on’s, he won’t have his money for long. At this point, Charlie Sheen needs to be locked up in rehab for his own safety, and those around him. There is also a need to ’boot’ the ’goddesses’ from his home. The only real people that can commit Charlie is his father, Martin Sheen and his mother – its possible even they are scared of Charlie’s rants at this point. I have to think his parents are trying to commit him behind the scenes, but are tired of dealing with Charlie – he really does look like he’s rapidly deteriorating right before our eyes in a matter of weeks. Part of the problem is he may realize what he’s doing to his career, but can’t help himself. Either by the Grace of God, he’s going to pull himself out of it (he really needs to accept psychiatric help), or there is going to be one massive estate sale on Mulholland Drive in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Again- it’s still funnier than his show.

  3. Charlie should read the story in this same string, about Mike Starr. I have a feeling we will soon be reading the same obit for Charlie.

  4. This is what happens to the brain of a 7 gram a day snorter he is freaken and geeken and has no idea how stupid he sounds. He truly thinks everything he says makes sense and is very intelligent
    This is a very sorry situation. We will wake one morning to hear he overdosed in Beverly Hills he will never be cured.

  5. He can’t be cured. As far as I understand, people who suffer with mania do not know right from wrong. On top of the mania he’s likely a full blown narcissist, and at least in their eyes, they have no flaws. So whatever he rants about is truth. These people are scary, and are to be avoided at all cost.

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