Rush by ABC, NBC and CNN to Jump on Sheen Coverage Questioned

Mar 2, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Recent media coverage of Charlie Sheen raises some questions, writes James Rainey in the Los Angeles Times. Top media networks "have been relentless in recent days in aiding and abetting the epic meltdown of a celebrity who happens to be the biggest star on the biggest comedy hit at rival CBS," Rainey writes.

Are these networks, led by ABC and NBC, "all that different from the live-in young ‘goddesses,’ whom the actor keeps around his Beverly Hills home to ‘care’ for his twin sons and assure him that everything he does is right?", the story asks.

According to Kristina Wandzilak, an intervention specialist and a onetime addict, the media platform being offered to Sheen is a "dangerous combination" because "it feeds the delusion of power and uniqueness."

The story notes that Wandzilak would recommend psychiatric care if she had a patient like Sheen who tested clean but had "pressured speech and this grandiose thinking and slightly psychotic."

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  1. I am reminded why, in ancient times, actors were considered a low class of people. Maybe not all actors are as self absorbed and delusional as Sheen. Let’s hope not.

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