Sheen Turns His Anger Toward Former Co-Star; ‘Men’ Producers Eye Replacing Sheen With Another Actor Known to Have a Wild Streak

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Charlie Sheen’s latest target is one of his former co-stars on “Two and a Half Men,” E! News reports. The recently fired actor expressed anger toward Jon Cryer for failing to reach out to Sheen.

"Like I said: You’re with me, or you’re with the trolls," Sheen told the publication. "Obviously he’s with the trolls."

"Jon has not called me. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. Clearly he’s a troll," Sheen added.

Meanwhile, ABC News reported that another of Sheen’s former “Men” co-stars, Holland Taylor, was supportive of Sheen. "Charlie was cordial and polite with all of his castmates and crew, sometimes even courtly–and always witty," the actress said in an e-mail to the AP. Taylor worked with Sheen from the start of the show in 2003.

"In this very sad and complicated time, I really have no comment–beyond valuing my own history with Charlie, and my abiding affection for him," Taylor said in the e-mail.

The Chicago Sun-Times and other outlets were reporting rumors that another actor known to have a wild side, Rob Lowe, is one of the leading contenders to replace Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.”

The Sun-Times piece reports: “While no one at CBS, Warner Bros. or ‘Two and a Half Men’ creator and showrunner Chuck Lorre’s office would comment on it, there does seem to be some credence to rumors that Rob Lowe is on a very short list to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit sitcom–if, indeed, the show is rebooted for another season.”


  1. Given Rob Lowe’s reputation, I’d be a little skeptical of giving him the role of Charlie’s replacement. CBS and WB don’t need any more scandals by actors who can hurt the image of the show. Jon Stamos was named as a possible replacement as well – and between the two actors, Jon seems the more stable. My sense tells me that CBS-Warner Brothers offered Stamos the part, but given Charlie Sheen’s erratic behavior may have scared Jon enough, that he wants nothing to do with the part or series – thus publicly denouncing his interest in taking the part. For us viewers that’s sad, but for Jon’s security and health, maybe its better. No matter what happens – Charlie Sheen is no longer a part of Two & A Half Men. I’m waiting for Charlie to start hazing Rob Lowe over Charlie’s loss. Charlie Sheen’s attack of Jon Cryer is a cheap shot from an addled and now out of work actor. Lets be serious here, Jon has a life, he has two children to support – and it would be stupid to put his career on the line for Charlie’s unstable antics. Sorry Charlie, but all Jon is doing is the smart thing – he’s staying out of it. Charlie, look in the mirror, you are aging each and every day, and the current stresses you are experiencing is hurting you physically and emotionally. You are literally hacking off your lucrative acting career. Time to tell the ’goddesses’ to go home, time for you to go into serious rehab. Time to realize that as popular as you have been, no studio in their right mind is going to want you for a leading movie role in your condition. Right now you look very desperate – and from watching your ’ustream’ performances – you are looking seriously ill in the physical sense. My bets are you now fully realize what you’ve done to yourself and the demons are coming in to collect your soul. Charlie, for a forty-five year-old, you are beginning to look like a seventy-five year-old. As young and viral as you think you are, is as old and frail as the rest of the world sees you in your off screen antics. Once you run out of money – there will be no goddesses, your friends will look for someone else to sponge off of – and perhaps the worst blow of all (or should be), your children will not want nothing to do with. Get the chip off your shoulder, get into rehab – because buddy, watching all those viral videos is that you are in serious denial. Realize that your lawyers are going to have a really hard time negotiating your case against Warner Brothers and CBS as you continue your ’off-the-wall’ antics – as to winning your case against Warners and CBS – hey man, that’s a real long shot! Your firing should make you realize that given your current behavior, you are just not worth the bother. Signed, – ’One Of The Trolls’ –

  2. MALL727net that was a well thought out comment.
    though I have to say I find Charlie’s use of language very creative at times.

  3. Well yeah, his language can be kind of colorful, but his antics not only ended his role in ’Two & A Half Men’, it will also hurt his chance at future movie roles – for one, I think he’s blown off Warner Brothers, and of course, CBS. He was sitting in the cat seat up until the point of the hotel room trashing – after that, it was all down hill. Having worked in the broadcast business, I’ve watched more than one person blow off a promising career by their false alcohol/drug-driven bravado – Charlie should know better. I think his ’Adonis’ fantasy got the best of his bad boy image in his head, and he felt he could do no wrong. Guess again, Charlie! Gotta also say that Martin Sheen is cringing along with his wife as he watches his son implode on screen. One guy I know was a time salesmen. I was over his place and he was so bombed on Irish whiskey that in mid-sentence he passed out and his executive chair flipped over sending him flying into the air and on a hard floor. His office was in his home and I had to tell his wife he’d find him prostrate on the floor, then I left – hey, she was married to him, that was her problem! Another time at his office at a live theater, he decided he wanted a mini-recording-studio in his office. So I walked in seeing him hacking an axe in the wall to increase his office space. Another time I was the recording engineer for a set of commercials the live theater was doing. We were recording the commercials on his home (big mistake) recording equipment. I told him I could record the spots at a professional recording studio at a local public radio station at no cost, but he wouldn’t hear of it. Worse yet, the talent recording the spot was the actress from The Flying Nun, Marge Redmond. Got rather embarrassing when he forced Marge to pose with his bombed-out mother. He eventually lost his position at the live theater, his wife found the x-rated photos he’d been taking of a couple having sex, and she eventually dumped him – his last car was a Yugo!-) That’s how bad it got for him. A few years later, he died of a shot liver. He was only in his forties. As for Charlie, if he isn’t dead within the next five years at the rate he’s going, like Chuck Lorrie, I’d be really surprised. Overall, Charley Sheen is a good comedic actor – but like John Belushi found out the hard way – he’s no superman!

  4. Hay, Chuck — you had a great run with the show that should be buried along with Sheen — prove to us that there’s more than one hurrah in you and give us something fresh, funny and equally as well written. As far as Charlie’s concerned, he should realize how hard it was for his Dad to get a break in the late 50’s and early 60’s — the same man whose shoulders he has stood on for the last 30 something years.

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