Departing Fox News Host’s Syndication Prospects Limited by His Politics

Apr 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

With Glenn Beck departing Fox News, it’s unlikely he will end up with a syndicated television show, reports B&C.

Syndicators are showing little interest in Beck because of his conservative bent, the story says. Beck’s representatives talked with distributors a year earlier, but were unable to find interest then, the article notes.

Conservative politician Mike Huckabee failed to attract a big audience when he debuted his talk show last summer from Twentieth Television and Fox Television Stations, the story points out.

Highly political hosts are hard to sell to stations, the article notes, pointing out that they might get picked up by stations in regions sympathetic to them but can have a hard time gaining acceptance in other regions.


  1. So it’s not HIS politics, but THEIR politics. What regions have non-conservative ideologies that performed well in the midterm elections? Other than NYC and SF, that is.
    Why is conservatism automatically designated as not being mainstream?

  2. Beck goes wa-a-a-y beyond conservative. But he does seem to have a following. He will have little trouble making money on the internet and the lecture tour.

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