Glenn Beck Pulling the Plug on Fox News Show

Apr 6, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Glenn Beck announced today that he will leave his Fox News Channel show this year, the AP reported.

Beck’s company, Mercury Radio Arts, and Fox said that they will create other projects together on Fox News television and digital.

Beck has said that he’s grateful for his experience with Fox. He said he "cannot repay [Fox News chief] Roger [Ailes] for the lessons I’ve learned and will continue to learn from him and I look forward to starting this new phase of our partnership."


  1. I think we all remember what happened when the plug was pulled on Rush Limbaugh’s TV show: Nothing.

  2. I hope, when the time comes and he’s on his deathbed, someone will “pull the plug” quickly and put all of us out of his misery. Beck is an idiot, plain and simple (very, very simple at that) and the less he’s seen or heard the better for the country.

  3. The guy was a star before he went to FNC and will continue to be successful in his own twisted universe (anyone check the price of gold today?). That won’t change until his audience literally dies: about five years from now.

  4. Now hold on…. free speech is not just for a few. I don’t like what he says either, but it is rude and very tasteless for anyone to wish the plug to be pulled, if he’s ill. It creates bad karma too.
    I felt the same exact way when that black comedian lady wanted Rush to die. Notice she’s no longer around too? I have not heard from Wanda Sykes in a while. Bad karma dude.
    I just wish he’d actually tell the truth… like if he is actually 90% blind, like he said he’d be. If a commentator cannot tell the truth on a “news station,” that puts him/her and the channel in jeopardy, credibility-wise, which soon will translate into dollars.
    Give the brothah a chance to live. don’t wish him death, if you don’t like his words. Pray or wish hard enough for him to change.
    Peace & Love man!

  5. I’ve watched him off and on since he’s been on Fox, and he does report things that affect us and wind up being reported a few days later quietly by the biggie news services, so in his own wacky way, he is doing us a service. Anyway, Beck is entertaining, and quite frankly, reminds of of the Mad Newsman of the movie “NETWORK”! I’ve suggested to my better half, who is a huge fan of GB, that on the last day of his on Fox, you will hear TV sets crashing to the ground as his fans all over the country are yelling “I’m as mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore!” Watch—I guarantee it, or Beck doesn’t wear tennis shoes with his fancy suits!!!!

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