Trump Backlash Gets Ads Pulled From ‘Apprentice’ Website

Apr 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

After customers complained about Donald Trump’s political activities, one advertiser has said it won’t allow its ads to appear on the website for NBC’s "The Apprentice," reports Bloomberg.

The marketer is Groupon. The company isn’t a show sponsor, but its ads sometimes appear on the show’s site, the story says.

“Enough consumers contacted us to warrant ensuring that we don’t place ads on ‘The Apprentice’ home page in the future,” Groupon said in a statement.

The company stressed that it isn’t a political statement, but a move to avoid upsetting some customers. Trump has been in the spotlight as he questioned President Barack Obama’s U.S. birth, asking for documents to prove he was born in the country. Trump’s "birther" campaign prompted Obama this week to make his long-form birth certificate public.

NBC didn’t immediately comment.


  1. Thou shalt not criticize a black president, lest ye be branded a racist!

  2. Groupon could afford to advertise on The Apprentice?
    This is ridiculous; there is actual racism occurring in the world without needing to manufacture it. By extension of this, any question regarding the qualifications of any minority political candidate who is a Democrat are now to be considered “code” for racism?
    Could the press be any more ridiculous in their race to show themselves to be more PC than each other?

  3. Trump is an absolute blatant racist. You guys really need to watch who you defend. You could be lumped in with him. Don’t know about you, but that’s something I wouldn’t want to have happen. This birther crap is profoundly racist. It has been from the very start. It needs to stop. If Trump is made to pay a high price for his blatant bigotry and hate, perhaps that will send a message to the rest of these a-holes.

  4. Then Hillary Clinton is racist. It was her campaign that started the questions regarding Obama’s birthplace.

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