Disney Board Member Is Obama’s Nominee for Commerce Post

May 31, 2011  •  Post A Comment

President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Commerce is a board member of The Walt Disney Co. and a former chairman of the board of Edison International, Multichannel News reports.

The nominee is John Bryson, who also is a former head of the California Public Utilities Commission.

If he gets the position, Bryson will succeed Gary Locke, who is the new U.S. ambassador to China. Bryson would resign from the Disney board.

Disney President Bob Iger said in a statement: "John has been an incredibly valuable member of our Board, bringing experience and insight to complex issues. He is a proven leader, with strong strategic vision and business savvy, along with a keen grasp of policy and its impact on the business environment. It’s an ideal combination for a U.S. Commerce Secretary, one that bodes well for the country’s long-term economic growth and competiveness."


  1. The fact the administration is changing the head makes no difference unless the divisions under the umbrella of the Commerce Department go to work and enforce all the rules it has against the foreign trade groups inundating the United States with products that are inferior and in some cases toxic. They also need to push the businesses in America to start hiring more staff so our economy goes beyond stagnant to a five percent rise in productivity per year for at least three years.

  2. Will this latest switch draw attention away from, or focus attention On, the dismal failures of this administration economically. While it’s certain that the mainstream media will herald this new appointment, we have to question both Them…And their source who seem to always be caught off guard with “un-expected” economic downturns. With all the variations of “unexpected” we’ve heard the last 2 years, I believe it’s time to question what these people based their original “expectations” on?

  3. Chicago politician¬s understand the business communitie¬s very well and organise them very well. Wall Street Finance, Energy (most), Insurance, Mega-hospi¬tals. Republican¬s are just mad because if they have to explain what Obama and the industries are doing, they will thereby admit their own religious experience for “business” is weak and near fraudulent¬.

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