Forget the DVR: The Real Threat to TV Commercials Is an Increasingly Common Device

May 25, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Forget the threat of digital video recorders to advertisers. The real issue may be an increasingly common device that’s effective at pulling viewers away from ads: the smartphone, according to an analysis by Brian Monahan in Advertising Age.

New research from IPG Media Lab and YuMe shows that smartphones accounted for 60% of television distractions, which means that the bulk of TV viewers turned to their smartphones during commercial breaks, the story says.

When all "companion media" were included–everything from crossword puzzles to laptops–TV viewers had some form of distraction 94% of the time, the piece notes.

The study followed 48 adult participants, who were allowed to bring whatever devices or distractions they normally have on hand while watching TV or video, the piece notes.

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  1. Pathetic.Heaven forbid people don’t have a screen in front of their faces 24/7

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