Mixed Reviews for ‘Glee’ Campaign Targeting Offensive Word–And Filled With Offensive Words

May 26, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A candid public service announcement starring "Glee" actors, aimed at halting the use of what the spot calls "the R-word," received mixed reviews from viewers, reports the New York Daily News.

The spot aired during the show and includes "Glee" stars Jane Lynch and Lauren Potter, who plays a character with Down syndrome and has the condition herself. The spot is aimed at eliminating inappropriate use of the word "retard."

The announcement featured men and women of different minorities telling viewers it’s not acceptable to use racial slurs and other slurs, the story says.

The problem for some viewers was that the spot included the people actually saying the slurs, such as a black man saying, "It is not acceptable to call me a n—,” the piece points out.

The story reports: “The 30-second spot went on to include a Latina woman who says, ‘It is not acceptable to call me a s—‘; an Asian woman a ‘ch—‘; a gay man a ‘f–‘; or a Jewish person a ‘k—.’"

Responses from fans on Twitter ranged from viewers saying they were "flabbergasted" to saying using the words is a "no-no," the story says. R-word.org, the group behind the campaign, is asking visitors to pledge to stop using the demeaning word for people with developmental disabilities, the piece adds.

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  1. Good sentiments, poor execution.

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