Nancy Grace Reveals Real Reason for Her Exit From ‘Swift Justice’

May 27, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The real reason Nancy Grace decided to walk away from her hit HLN show "Swift Justice" was not money or control, the New York Post reports. The real reason is more mundane: She wanted to be closer to her family, according to the story.

CBS Television Distribution wants to film the show in Los Angeles, moving it away from Atlanta, where Grace lives with her husband, David Linch, and twins, Lucy and John David.

"From the very beginning it was a sticking point,” Grace said. “I tried it. We went to shoot the show in LA [this past season] and I would just cry at night. I was so sad being away from them, and Lucy and John David did not take it well at all. I was gone four straight days and, to this day, since I got back, Lucy comes into my bed at night and says, ‘Mommy, please don’t go. Stay with me.’ She never did that before we shot the show in LA.”

"Swift Justice" was the highest-rated new show in syndication, with more than 2 million viewers. It was also nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Judge Jackie Glass will be taking over for Grace.


  1. Not really sad that the ever judgmental Nancy (Show no-one any) Grace will no longer be hosting this show, she is the epitome of Guilty until proven innocent !

  2. 1) Somebody bred with her?
    2) Great! Now she’ll be screaming at her family more.

  3. Attention editor!! Swift Justice is a syndicated TV show and NOT on HLN. Whoever rewrote this article from the NY Post article made a mistake. Nancy’s HLN show is named after her and the Swift Justice program was an off-shoot of her original show.

  4. I would like to say that I admire Nancy for putting Lucy and John David and also her husband before money. This is my kind of mother. Not like Casey Anthony, I too put my daughter before anything other than my Lord. Good going JL

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