New Reality Show Tracks Partner-Swapping Couples

May 27, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Suburban couples who swap partners will be the focus of a new reality series from Lionsgate Television, reports Deadline.com.

The project about so-called “swingers” is now being shopped to cable networks and marks one of the first projects from reality producer Eli Frankel, who recently signed a two-year deal with Lionsgate, the story says. The show is called “Bedroom Community.”

"What we have seen on shows about swingers are primarily older hippies, fringe people who are a little bit dirty," Frankel said. "What we found are elite groups of people in upscale communities who are good-looking and have money and access."

Swinging in American suburbia came to the awareness of the media in the 1960s and was the focus of the short-lived CBS drama "Swingtown," which was set in the 1970s, the story adds.


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  1. Wow! The show about pot-heads should join with the new adultery reality show- and see how much crossover there is between the stoners and the “non-partner” encounters there might be. Probably be a HUGE hit in Charlie Sheen land!!!

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