Sounds Like CBS News Can’t Wait for Couric to Leave

May 2, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Sounds like CBS News can’t wait for Katie Couric’s contract to end.

In an interview in B&C, CBS News President David Rhodes was asked by B&C’s Andrea Morabito– referring to the on-air personnel who reported the bin Laden story for CBS on Sunday night, May 1, 2011–"How was the talent picked? Where was Katie?"

After praising the team CBS News had on the air, Rhodes said, "I thought that worked out fine and Katie was really in good shape to bring in some more reporting to support a longer program today [Monday]."

Morabito persisted and asked this follow-up: "Was [Katie] still traveling back from London at that point [from covering the royal wedding], or she just wasn’t able to get in in time?"

To which Rhodes testily replied, "It doesn’t really matter if she was able to get in or not able to get in. The thing that we were most concerned with as an organization was having the reporting that we had in there last night. If you look back from 10:45 up until the president did speak later in the 11 p.m. hour, we had more people on the story and more information about what was happening out there than anybody else."

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  1. As one who remembers how badly CBS covered Diana’s death in ’97 — on a Saturday night with apparently no one on duty in New York — the network’s coverage of Bin Laden was vastly better and served the affiliates well.

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