Why NBC Took a Pass on the Most Talked-About Pilot of the Season

May 23, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Warner Bros. Television Chief Executive Peter Roth, whose company has had 12 pilots picked up for the upcoming broadcast season, opened up about why the most talked-about pilot, “Wonder Woman,” failed to make the cut.

Roth told The Hollywood Reporter that he understands why NBC took a pass on the project.

“I think ‘Wonder Woman’ was a very well-crafted pilot,” he said. “But after seeing the announcement of the NBC schedule, I now understand and agree with [NBC Entertainment Chairman] Bob [Greenblatt] that it doesn’t necessarily fit particularly well with their schedule. As well-crafted and contemporized as it was, it was a big and radical shift for viewers to embrace this new idea–and that may, to some degree, have had to do with why it didn’t make it.”

Roth was asked about another high-profile Warner Bros. show, CBS’s “Two and a Half Men,” but didn’t offer much insight.

“The specifics are literally still being worked out,” Roth told the publication when asked about the upcoming season with Ashton Kutcher. “This is such a dynamic process that I’m sure [executive producer] Chuck [Lorre] will have a number of different thoughts and will write towards the extraordinary strengths of Ashton as we go through the process. What I can tell you is that we’re very excited about Ashton’s presence in the show.”


  1. It’s NBC they alway’s make the wrong choice about everything not Surprizing!!

  2. Please. A ‘Wonder Woman’ re-make? A show and content that would be totally and completely unsustainable. Smart move by NBC. More of a fit on Spike or G4, not a network.

  3. There must be some old geezer up at NBC that remembers back to the days when they had hair and watching Linda Carter was a guilty pleasure. Wonder Woman remake is a guaranteed dud.
    The BIONIC Woman, anybody? Can you say ‘cancelled’ in less that two episodes.
    Even the G4 kids wouldn’t watch this.

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