With Failure of ‘Wonder Woman’ to Get Series Order, Is the Age of TV Superheroes Over?

May 13, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s decision to pass over the "Wonder Woman" pilot for a series order raises questions, given that the project had an appealing star, an experienced TV creator behind it and a top female superhero as its focus, reports Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com.

Screenings and testings of the pilot were mixed, with some audiences having trouble buying into the show’s modernization, the article notes. Some viewers disliked Wonder Woman’s new costume. But the biggest question may be whether television needs another superhero.

With "Smallville" ending and Fox canceling "Human Target," next season will mark the first time broadcast TV hasn’t had a comic book-based show in a decade.

"While superheroes have done gangbusters on the big screen, there haven’t been successful recent comic book-based TV series except for the teen angst-filled ‘Smallville,’ which was not a straight adaptation of the ‘Superman’ comics but rather an original prequel," Andreeva writes.

The piece notes that ABC has two high-profile comic book-based projects in the pipeline: “Hulk” and “AKA Jessica Jones,” adding: "The question is whether the demise of ‘Wonder Woman’ will give ABC a pause in their push to get on the air a superhero series from corporate sibling Marvel."


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  1. Granted, I have absolutely no inside knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes regarding the Wonder Woman series, but just looking at the above photo, I can see that they’ve hired the wrong actress and costume designer.
    I don’t think that superheros on TV is over. If I were at the CW, I’d have been in talks with Tom Welling about a new series called “Metropolis”. Smallville was a great show, and I don’t think I missed an episode in 10 years.
    I think part of the problem with putting superheros on the tube is the cost of doing it correctly. The Cape was a nice try, but it was just too cheesy. I’m sure Spiderman, or Green Lantern, or many of the comic book heros, done correctly, could be a big hit as a series. It would just cost too much to make.

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