Good News if You Live in New York City or Will Be Visiting the Big Apple: Free Wi-Fi in 32 Parks. We Have the Full List

Jun 10, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Free wi-fi service will be made available in 32 parks in Manhattan and the other boroughs that make up New York City, reports The New York Times’ City Room blog.

According to the article, "All park goers will be able to connect via AT&T’s network — not just those who are already customers. [New York City Mayor Michael] Bloomberg also assured the public that there would be “no ads from AT&T filling up your browser window.” AT&T did not disclose the estimated costs of the five-year agreement. For nearly a decade, the city has attempted to spread Internet access in public spaces, with varying success." 

For a complete list of the parks that currently have wi-fi service, and will be getting wi-fi service, please click here. Might be a good list to print out.

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  1. I am sorry for everyone that it is AT&T. Their network in Manhattan is aweful with constant dropped calls and very poor signals. I was just there again last week and couldn’t use my phone half of the time.

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