Ireland’s Biggest Bookmaker Taking Some Fun Bets Related to Charlie Sheen. For Example, They Will Give You 25 to One Odds If You Wanna Bet That Sheen’s Next Goddess Will Be Lindsay Lohan

Jun 28, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Here’s a bookmaker with a good sense of humor.

Paddy Power, Ireland’s No. 1 bookmaker, is taking some fun odds related to Charlie Sheen.

Besides offering 25/1 odds that Lindsay Lohan will be his next goddess, other odds on who will be his next goddess include Pam Anderson, 33/1; Iryna Ivanova, 10/1; July Playmate of the Month Jessa Hinton 4/1 (the favorite); and newly available Royal sister Pippa Middleton the biggest longshot at 500/1.

Furthermore, you can also make book with Paddy Power on ways Sheen’s character on "Two and a Half Men" will be written out of the show:

11/10   Drives his car off a cliff
 2/1      Leaves via airport with Rose
 9/4      Gets shot in a crime of passion
 5/1      By accidental poisoning
10/1     Gets hit by lightning
12/1     Plane crash
16/1     Surfing accident
25/1     Jail sentence
40/1     Gets lost at sea
50/1     Taken into the Witness Protection Program
100/1   A piano falls on him
250/1   Join a monastery

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