Joke Lands Chelsea Handler in Hot Water With Serbians–Boycott of E!’s ‘Chelsea Lately’ Taking Shape

Jun 24, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Serbians are urging a boycott of Chelsea Handler and advertisers on her E! show "Chelsea Lately" after the comedian made comments that implied the country is a "disappointment," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Handler made the comments on a June 20 show, when she made jokes relating to Amy Winehouse’s performance in Belgrade, the story says. Winehouse was booed by crowds in Serbia’s capital as she appeared too drunk to perform, according to the BBC.

Filip Filipi, who created a Facebook page calling for a boycott, said he’s "in talks" with Handler’s management team about an official apology.

A statement on the Facebook page says: “The worst comment by Ms. Handler came at the conclusion of the assault on the Serbian people. In implying that somehow Serbs should not use Facebook, Ms. Handler read the statement of Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac who said that the the concert was a shame and a disappointment. At this point, Ms. Handler says that ‘Guess what? So is your country,’ meaning that Serbia and its people are a shame and disappointment, as well.”

An NBCUniversal/E! Networks corporate communications representative said the company doesn’t have a statement yet, and an email sent to Handler’s management wasn’t returned, the story notes.


  1. Filip needs to get a life. Chelsea is a comedian.

  2. Question for Ms. Handler: Did you ever been in Belgrade? If no, than maybe you schould go there and change your “picture” about Belgrade and Serbian people.

  3. It is my observation of humanity that most of the “peoples” of the world (regardless of any particular nationality or ethnicity), need to stop taking themselves so seriously and develop a sense of humor.

  4. That would require her to b funny.

  5. Can’t anyone take a joke anymore?

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