MSNBC Suspends Political Analyst for Off-Color Remark About Obama

Jun 30, 2011  •  Post A Comment

A senior political analyst was suspended indefinitely by MSNBC after an appearance today on “Morning Joe” in which he made an off-color remark about President Obama, TV Guide reports. The analyst, Mark Halperin, later apologized.

Halperin commented that during President Obama’s press address Wednesday, Obama had been "kind of a d–k," according to the story. MSNBC suspended Halperin immediately after the show, an action that Halperin accepted without complaint.

He later issued a statement, saying, "I want to offer a heartfelt and profound apology to the president, to my MSNBC colleagues, and to the viewers. My remark was unacceptable, and I deeply regret it."

MSNBC’s spokesperson said in a statement: "Mark Halperin’s comments this morning were completely inappropriate and unacceptable. We apologize to the president, the White House and all of our viewers. We strive for a high level of discourse, and comments like these have no place on our air."

Before the remark, Halperin had asked whether the show was on a seven-second delay. After being told that it was, Halperin said what he said, assuming it would be bleeped, according to the report.


  1. Joe Scarborough pounds Barack Obama continuously, so it’s not suprising that a panelist would jump on the bandwagon.

  2. What happened to freedom of speech? Oh, wait, I forgot, that only applies when the media is giving “off-color” comments about a Republican president. My bad.

  3. Name one example of the “media” making an “off color” remark about a republican. And explain to me how even if it did exist, how it justifies disrespecting the president? Or is patriotism for you only when your guy wins elections? You can’t name an example because there are none. You’re a bait and switch douche-bag, who debates facts with lies and claims equivilancy capped with false humility. It’s the lowest form of discourse, your rhetorical style, and worthy only of obese, pill popping commentators like Rush Limbaugh. Take your lies and rhetorical BS and shove it. It justifies ZIP.

  4. The story omits that Halperin is a liberal.

  5. As a matter of fact, Obama is a “Dick” (note the upper case – lower case is much too gentle); he’s also a Putz, a Schmendrick, a Nincompoop. an Ignoramus, a Schlemazel, and an insult to the Republic’s Presidency and Constitution.
    Halperin’s comment is a lot more innocent than most of Matthews’ radical left-wing rants on MSNBC – Matthews belongs in the Looney Bin, and is an insult to any viewer above the IQ of 75.
    Stuart Braun
    Sedona, AZ

  6. Stuart uses name calling as a substitute for reason and factual persuasion and imagines he sounds smart because he can riff an insult. Then he besmirches a legit political commentator with unfounded assertions and more insult, yet offers ZIP to support his positions, because he can’t support them. Typical position for today’s “conservative,” the party that legislates service to the rich while hiding behind false equivalencies and ad hominem, collecting the racists and bigots along the way, including embarrassing “shvartza” hating Jews who are only looking for excuses to steal land.

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