Video: Hard To Believe That Jon Stewart Could Get Any Funnier or More Biting About Weinergate, But He Did on Wednesday Night. Yet Another Can’t Miss Stewart Segment That Everyone Will Be Talking About

Jun 8, 2011  •  Post A Comment


  1. If you miss the Daily Show at 11pm, you can always catch it in entirety on Morning Joe, when they’re not re-running their own segments from the same morning.

  2. This is “can’t miss”? You can still tell that John is going easy on his friend. He is still doing the “this thing is overblown” thing to make it look like the coverage of Weinergate is the issue, not what his friend did.

  3. Jeff, we read your earlier right-wing screed. Like him or not, Jon Stewart is here to stay. What he did is what any true friend would do: knee-jerk defensive response. Now you’re gloating over the Weiner thing just as if the piggery of sleazball Fox News pets haven’t been tripping over their own dicks since before Junior caught the bus to Houston.
    You won’t get this, Jeffie, but give it a shot: I’m 80 years old and never miss a single segment of Jon and the Daily Show because I’m not allowed to cross the street by myself.

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