How HLN’s Nancy Grace Launched the Media Frenzy Surrounding the Casey Anthony Case

Jul 5, 2011  •  Post A Comment

"Led by Nancy Grace, the entire cable landscape — and now the broadcast news networks — seem to have gotten drunk on the Casey Anthony trial," writes Lucas Shaw at TheWrap.

The article says, "Grace’s single-minded pursuit of the ‘truth’ about infant Caylee Anthony’s death put CNN’s Headline News in second place during June, the 29-year-old channel’s best ratings month ever. And it also helped the network challenge Fox News in the coveted 25-54 demo during primetime. Of course, the bigger cable news outlets noticed HLN’s ratings success…By the time Tuesday’s verdict was announced, it wasn’t just cable news channels covering the trial, but almost every major media outlet."

The story adds, "As HLN devoted more and more time to the story, its ratings grew — Grace’s in particular. June was the best month ever for the network, and all of a sudden Grace found herself competing with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly (not to mention leaving MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell in the dust).’The whole franchise, the entire channel is built around her at this moment,’ said [Al Tompkins, senior faculty member for the Poynter Institute’s broadcasting and online group.]"


  1. funny how justice and the sensational tend to blend nowadays

    Fortunately, the case is over. However, Nancy will be working this case for many years to come.

  3. I’d rather build a network around Glenn Beck & his tinfoil hat ravings than a harpy like Nancy Grace. And before the women jump up and scream about sexism, it has nothing to do with the fact she’s a woman. This person, regardless of sex, is everything wrong about the media is one smug, sneering package. If she weren’t on TV all the time screaming about child abusers, I’d be worried that she WAS one. Take a look at this woman – would you leave YOUR kids with her? God, she looks like she should be sweeping the floors of a gingerbread house, warming up the pot for Hansel & Grettle. I think she may be proof that CNN made a deal with Satan for better ratings(plus he got the wife out of Hell for a while so he could finally have that party Hitler he’d been putting off for decades – Nancy gives him the shivers).

  4. Why is Nancy Grace the focus of this hate email instead of the verdict brought back by this jury? Grace has been a prosecutor in Atlanta and was a a defendants worse nightmare. She was extremely diligent in prosecuting criminals. Like her style or hate her style, she was extremely effective in championing the victims of crime. If you followed the case, Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, yet walked away free. Grace’s actions on TV have been no different than her actions while she was a prosecutor. You would love to have her on your side if you were a victim of a crime.

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