CBS Chief Leslie Moonves Defends Wife, Julie Chen, Over Allegations of Behind-the-Scenes Threats on ‘The Talk’

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CBS Chief Executive Leslie Moonves defended his wife, Julie Chen, against allegations that she threw his name around to threaten her co-hosts on “The Talk," reports Newsweek.com.

Responding to a report that Chen allegedly told co-hosts, "My husband can fire your asses any day," Moonves said, "Anybody that knows my wife knows she would never say that.” He added that “never in a million years” would he say something like that, either, the story says.


  1. anyone who knows julie chen knows it’s true.
    also, they pay for personal items with the company accounts. neither one of them can be trusted.

  2. Yes, it’s true. My wife is a horrible host to all the shows she on, but it keeps her out of the house.
    Anyone who has had the pain to watch her on the Early, early shows or Big brother knows she only got to the place she did because her boss is the network president.
    No other network would ever offer her a job even if she was not married to the head honcho.
    Les is a pompous you know what.

  3. Les Moonves has one job and one job only. Keeping CBS profitable which the company is at the “very” profitable stage. Any moron that knows they are working with Julie Chen’s baby daddy should know they shouldn’t act like a moron and tick off that person. Their tails should be fired just for plain stupidity sake. For most people, this is a no brainer. As long as Big Brother brings in ratings, who cares. In this economy if Julie Chen told me, and I don’t even work for CBS, that I could be fired by her husband, I would think thrice.

  4. Les Moonves should be fired for pure stupidity. Julie Chen has zero appeal and zero star power. Clearly, her only power lies between her legs. She chased an older, powerful married man and got him to leave his wife. Now that She’s Mrs’ Moonves she can throw her weight around and intimidate her co-stars who are way more appealing than her. Most people who tuned in to the Talk knew it was a rip off of the View and only tolerable due to Holly Peete, Leah Remini and Sharon Osbourne. Julie and Sarah Gilbert are BORING. This show will be cancelled unless someone delivers the axe to Julie and Sarah.

  5. Julie knows she told Leah & Holly “My husband will fire your asses any day.” She even makes light of it when she did Letterman. It’s right at the 3:55 mark http://youtu.be/SPpRy61Gz9Q

  6. Julie Chen broke up Les Mooonvee’s marriage. She is a homewrecker and she is cocky on the show. Her only big claim to fame is she is married to Les, who runs CBS. I don’t like her demeanor at all on the show. The show is not as funny or lively anymore and we stopped watching.

  7. We the people make actors TV personality’s and TV shows popular and profitable and we can break them!!! No one should have the power to take someones paycheck away from them on a whim just because they slept with someones husband who happens to be head of a network and then married them! The only way to stop it is to stop watching the shows!!! And the network!!!!!!!

  8. The way it was handled makes me think they new they would lose viewers. They wanted us to hang on and think Holly and Leah were on vacation or something. I only watched because of those two. Sheryl is not funny.

  9. There was one show on The Talk that just had me laughing my butt off and I have to think that Holly, Sharon and Leah are fantastic for keeping a straight face. They were talking about husbands straying and the Chenbot spoke up and said that she would never, yes she said never, trust anyone that cheated on their wife. What she damands is trust. Knowing her background and how she and her husband got together, I thought it was hilarious.

  10. I won’t watch The Talk any more, I only tuned in because of Holly and Leah. I love Sharon but can’t watch with out Holly and Leah, they were the show.

  11. chen Bot and Les Moon-whatever his name is deserve each other…clueless and classless…..

  12. I’m with you. I don’t watch the Talk either. I loved Leah and Holly. I also like Sharon. Not a fan of the new co-hosts. I don’t even know one of them at all.

  13. This is a disgraced. this is just why the Talk ratings fell and The View is kicking their butts. Leah, Holly and Sharon had the Chemistry mixture to keep the show excited. Each one of them offered something in their own way good or bad. They always gave the viewers and audience something to look forward to. If Julie Chen did this she is a sorry piece of crap. I will asked my family, friends and over 32,000 readers of my blogs to boycott her shows. Sorry, disgraced!

  14. Thar’s absolutely right!

  15. not to mention she broke up a marriage 🙁

  16. You Coward

  17. isha, i love watching them every day. I don’t like the view. and thats, that.

  18. Glendora C. I love watching Julie dresses.The girl got it going on.I watch them every day. don’t judge people so much.I love watching Sheryl,Sarah,Aisha,andSharon. You gals keep up the good work.

  19. I stopped watching the talk when holly and Leah left the show they where the funniest people on the show.

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