‘Did Too!’ ‘Did Not!’ ‘Did Too!’ ‘Did Not!’: Two More Former News of the World Employees Tell Parliament That James Murdoch Knew Back in 2008 That Phone Hacking Went Beyond Just One Reporter; James Issues Statement Saying No, He Didn’t Know Back Then

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Two more fomer employees of News Corp.’s News of the World tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom testified before a Parliamentary committee on Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011, that James Murdoch was told back in 2008 that phone hacking went beyond just one rogue reporter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Says the article, "The assertion by Colin Myler, the paper’s last editor, and Tom Crone, its head in-house lawyer, boosted the likelihood that Murdoch will be called to appear again before Parliament to explain the discrepancy. Both he and his father, media magnate Rupert Murdoch, gave evidence to lawmakers in July after the phone-hacking scandal broke wide open and threw their massive News Corp. empire into turmoil."

The story continues, "Myler and Crone, who were summoned to reappear before Parliament on Tuesday, said they talked to James Murdoch briefly in 2008 about an email that seemed to implicate the News of the World’s chief reporter in the tapping of cellphones, an illegal tactic for which a colleague, Clive Goodman, had already been convicted and jailed.

The article adds, "Crone said he sought permission to settle from Murdoch, who was in charge of News International, the News of the World’s parent company. The meeting lasted ‘about 15 minutes,’ during which ‘I am certain that I explained to him … this document meant it was clear that News of the World had a wider involvement’ in hacking than was previously revealed. Added Myler: ‘I think everybody perfectly understood the significance and the seriousness of what we were discussing.’ "

News International is the News Corp. subsidiary in the U.K.

In response to the testimony of Crone and Myler, James Murdoch issued a statement, the article explains: "Neither Crone nor Myler told him during their 15-minute meeting that wrongdoing extended beyond Goodman and the private detective he hired to hack into phones, Murdoch said in a statement released by News International. His former colleagues also did not show him the damning email or mention the chief reporter to whom it appeared to refer, Murdoch said, adding: ‘There was nothing discussed in the meeting that led me to believe that a further investigation was necessary.’ "

New International decided to shut down the News of the World in early July.

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