Promoting TV Shows in the Age of Social Media: Instead of TELLING Viewers What the Show is About, ASK Them What Wine They Drink While They Watch

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In 1992, when the NBC newsmagazine "Dateline" first hit the air, the state-of-the-art in social media was AT&T’s just released video telephone, which one could purchase for $1,499. And, of course, both you and the person you wanted to see while talking had to buy one.

How things have changed in the close to 20 years that have followed. Social media is a tad more sophisticated these days, and "Dateline" wants to tap into the ubiquity of social media today to promote the show, writes our good friend Brian Steinberg of Advertising Age.

Steinberg writes, "For several months, ‘Dateline’ personnel have studied the behavior and postings of the show’s fans on Facebook and other social-media milieu, allowing them to create a campaign now that speaks to the way viewers interact with the program, not its smiling personalities or lurid headlines.

The article continues, "The campaign will also urge viewers to participate, generating more material in the process. ‘You’ll see promotions both online and on air, basically asking the question, ‘How do you Dateline?’ and then we expect to collect the responses we get and turn those, essentially, into a user-driven, user-created campaign,’ said David Corvo, senior executive producer of ‘Dateline.’ "

The story adds, "Viewers will be able to access an interactive Facebook application that will allow them to send video to "Dateline" producers about their routine around the program. Already, executives said, they have seen posts about the type of wine people are drinking when they watch, or the company expected to come over for a round of ‘Dateline.’ "

To read more about this "Dateline" campaign by reading Steinberg’s entire article, please click here.

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