Here’s an Article We Weren’t Expecting to See in Our New York Times This Morning. The Grey Lady Informs Us That Broadcast Primetime TV Has Discovered the Word Vagina

Sep 22, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The new television season already appears to have a trend — and it’s one that may not sit well with some viewers. Bill Carter writes in The New York Times that the season has seen a number of new network shows incorporating the word "vagina" into their scripts.

In "Suburgatory" on ABC, a teenager named Tessa is appalled by another teen who is happy her tiny shorts show off her belly ring, the story says. "You know what else it shows off?” says Tessa. “Your vagina."

CBS’s "Two Broke Girls" has a scene in which a waitress uses the anatomically correct term, as does the new NBC comedy "Whitney," the story says.

"This year, with unbleeped references to anatomical parts being tossed around so freely, it is clearly a new era for network comedy, one that might have parents reaching for the remote," Carter writes.

The story adds: "With many of the shows yet to have their premieres, it is too early for the Federal Communications Commission to note any surge in complaints about language in them, and so officials there declined to comment. CBS did not report an unusual number of complaints about ‘Two Broke Girls’ on Monday night.”


  1. PENIS

  2. I’m very protective about my child watching violence (he’s four and even mild violence upsets him), but why is it bad for him to hear correct anatomical terms? He won’t be watching sitcoms like that for a LONG time to come, because we never watch stuff like that in our house, but still…these body parts have names.
    I think I’d rather have him hear the word “vagina” than hear about the shootings and other things that happen in our news area.

  3. Why would anyone be offended by PENIS and VAGINA? Those are the names. What do you prefer they call them? Pee-stick and Lady-Part?
    Penis and Vagina are appropriate. At least they aren’t saying Dick and Pussy.

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