Angry Hank Williams Jr. Records Song Attacking ESPN and Fox News

Oct 10, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Hank Williams Jr. lashes out at Fox News and ESPN in a song he says he wrote and recorded Friday, USA Today reports. The song was expected be available on iTunes as soon as late today.

Williams attacks the two cable networks in the song for their parts in the controversy last week in which Williams lost his gig as the singer of the "Monday Night Football" musical theme, the story reports. Williams was dumped from the ESPN opening over a political commentary Williams made on “Fox & Friends” in which he invoked the name of Adolf Hitler while criticizing Barack Obama.

In the lyrics to the new song, Williams sings: "So Fox ‘n Friends wanna put me down, ask for my opinion, twist it all around … Well two can play that gotcha game you’ll see."

Beginning tonight, ESPN will replace Williams’ opening with celebrity introductions. Since the game tonight is the Chicago Bears vs. the Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders — one of the Lions’ greatest running backs of all time — will appear on video.


  1. This backwoods jerk can jabber and clamor all he wants–but he’s off ESPN and out of our lives…a good thing.
    If he’s so incensed, why not move to Northern Idaho where his ilk foment hatred on a daily basis?

  2. I’m kind of curious. What exactly did he say about anybody specifically that is so offensive. He made an analogy that Obama and Boehner playing golf would be akin to Hitler playing golf with the Israeli prime minister. I did not hear anything in those words that said he was comparing the actual people involved with Hitler. It was an analogy. This reminds me of the guy who got fired for using the word niggardly. People reacting by being ignorant does not make them right.

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