DirecTV Rolling Out DVR Content to Go

Oct 12, 2011  •  Post A Comment

DirecTV is preparing to offer a new product to subscribers that will allow for DVR content to be viewed on the go on up to five mobile devices, reports Multichannel News. The new device, Nomad, will sell for $149 with no additional monthly service charge.

DirecTV spokeswoman Jade Ekstedt said, "We are currently in the soft-launch period for this product as we continue to evaluate Nomad before its official rollout later this year."

DirecTV subscribers eligible to take advantage of Nomad need to have a DirecTV Plus HD DVR or a Plus DVR linked to the Internet, as well as a wireless router with an available Ethernet port for connecting the Nomad device.

The story adds: “DirecTV Nomad currently works with PCs, iPhones and iPod touch devices. The device in the future will be compatible with Mac computers, iPad tablets and Android mobile devices. Customers must be connected via their home network through Wi-Fi to sync the HD DVR with a mobile device.”

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  1. So you have to sync the Nomad with your mobile device… It sounds so limited for a device that should let you take you TV with you on your phone. You can only use the 20 hours that are available on the device as well. I use the Sling Adapter from my employer DISH Network, and it is awesome. I can stream live TV or any recorded show from my DVR to my phone anywhere I am! Plus, since I am not limited to just watching TV at home, I can always watch my shows whenever and wherever I am. If I get tired of watching TV on my iPhone, I can always switch to my iPad! So the Nomad sounds like a good piece of tech, but it still has so many limitations that don’t warrant the $150 asking price.

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