Lindsay Lohan Returns to Jail — and Gets Out After About 4 Hours

Nov 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Lindsay Lohan apparently got a break on that “30-day sentence” she received last week for a probation violation. The troubled actress checked into jail around 9 p.m. Sunday and was out a little more than four hours later, People magazine reports.

The quick release was attributed to a federal mandate related to jail overcrowding, which has nonviolent offenders routinely being released “after serving only a fraction of their sentences,” the story reports. The quick stop at jail reportedly took place at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif.

Lohan was sentenced last week to 30 days in jail after admitting she violated her probation in connection with a DUI case and that infamous necklace theft, as previously reported. Word surfaced at the time that she was allowed a few days before reporting to complete a nude photo shoot for Playboy.

Lohan still has a potential 270-day jail sentence hanging over her head if she fails to live up to the terms of her probation. The People report adds: “She must now walk an extremely thin tightrope, working an additional 53 days of janitorial duty at the L.A. morgue and attending 18 more psychotherapy sessions, all by the end of March.”


  1. Lohan has GOT to be the luckiest woman on Earth. If it were a non-celebrity, there wouldn’t have been probation in the first place, and certainly no leniency for the repeated probation violations.
    10 to 1, this still won’t sink in and she’ll screw up again.

  2. Yeah, that will give her the judge-mandated “structure.”
    I think the judge is going to need to sentence her for years just to make sure she serves a whole day.
    Even Paris Hilton served more actual time than Lohan; it’s clear the only thing that will change her ways is when she eventually kills herself, at which time everyone will be asking “why” she wasn’t helped.

  3. Sooo..why cant they let out OTHERS to make sure she serves her entire time?

  4. This is just ridiculous and an insult to our intelligence to blame it all on overcrowding. Doing the math (30 day sentence equals 4 hours in jail) they want us to believe that someone could be charged with murder (25 years) and be out in 2 months?
    Seriously, everyone bends over backwards and then acts surprised that she’s not taking her situation seriously. It’s all a joke.

  5. Soft Hollywood justice is alive and well. The sole purpose of state and federal law is not to benefit Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein bankrolled the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. It makes you think. How many complimentary tickets to the Hollywood casting couch have been issued to politicians and district attorney’s by Weinstein and the Hollywood elite. Is it the casting couch that have made Hollywood untouchable and above the law. This is food for thought….

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