NBC Greenlights Remake of Classic Sitcom — as a Drama

Nov 17, 2011  •  Post A Comment

NBC has confirmed that it’s going ahead with a new version of a 1960s comedy series — and this time around the show will be a drama, TVLine.com reports.

The network greenlighted a remake of "The Munsters" from Bryan Fuller, the story reports. NBC has ordered a pilot of what it describes as an “imaginative reinvention of ‘The Munsters’ as a visually spectacular one-hour drama," the story says.

Fuller, the creator of ‘Pushing Daisies," said in a statement that he was “over the moon Eddie Munster will soon be howling at.”



  1. I couldn’t believe it when I read that the Munsters would come back as a drama, and I didn’t think it could possibly work. But then I read that the creator of the magnificently quirky “Pushing Daisies” was doing it, and I think it just may work!

  2. One would think NBC would learn from their mistakes again all old repeats DO NOT WORK!!

  3. Wonder who’ll they’ll find ugly enough to play Marilyn

  4. I nominate that annoying chick from the T Mobile ads. She’ll need a job soon, anyway.

  5. I nominate that annoying chick from the T Mobile ads. She’ll need a job soon, anyway.

  6. In the trades last year, it said the first act consisted of eddie munster and two friends out camping….eddie turns into a werewolf and kills them both…not my kind of Munsters…

  7. We can blame the upcoming DARK SHADOWS movie for this. I’d think ADDAMS FAMILY would translate into a drama much easier than MUNSTERS. Of course, everyone’s making the assumption that “one hour drama” means it’s going to try and be TRUE BLOOD, forgetting that it’s entirely possible to make an hour long comedy without sitcom plots and a laugh track. And Fuller would know – he’s successfully produced an hour long format ‘dramedy’ (God, I hate that word and before somebody starts tossing ratings books at my head, I’m referring to creative success, the only one that truly matters in the long run). Having said that, I really hope we don’t see the “Eddie Munster killing his buddies on a camping trip” scenario but I could see how that might be used as a plot device that moves the family to a new town.
    I nominate Gary Busey for the role of Grandpa Munster. Or Herman. Or Spot. And they better have that cool hotrod.

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