‘NCIS’ Shocker: Dead Character Comes Back to Life

Nov 17, 2011  •  Post A Comment

It’s probably unnecessary under that headline to say “spoiler alert,” but yes, this story contains a pretty big spoiler. 

Earlier this season on CBS’s top-rated "NCIS," a recurring character played by Sarah Jane Morris was shot and presumably killed … but she’s coming back in January, reports TVLine.com.

Morris’ character, EJ Barrett, was an NCIS special agent who died in the season nine premiere. However, Barrett’s body disappeared without explanation and in an upcoming episode, she’s back.

According to executive producer Gary Glasberg, "Last we saw EJ Barrett, she was gunned down and left for dead. Then she disappeared! In January we’ll find out what happened.”

Glasberg explains that the character’s return “will bring with it answers to unresolved questions, danger, and intrigue. … We’re thrilled to have Sarah Jane back and along for the ride.”

In another notable star reprise, veteran actor Robert Wagner will appear on the Nov. 22 episode of "NCIS" as Tony’s (Michael Weatherly) dad, who has a tendency to get into trouble.


  1. I am watching the seasons on Netflix. Barrett has just appeared and I don’t like her. I hope she disappears soon.

  2. I like her. Smart, sassy, not afraid of Gibbs and smokin’ hot good looks. Mark Harmon’s character is good but sometimes over the top with the aggression towards women…good to see him taken down a notch or two.

  3. Uggh…can’t stand Barrett! The sooner she goes away, the better! As Abby would say, “Shoo…SHOO!”

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