‘Storage Wars’ Star Fights Rapper Over Use of Phrase ‘YUUUP!’ — OK, So What Other TV ‘Sound Marks’ Have Been Registered?

Nov 16, 2011  •  Post A Comment

In a fight over the use of a “sound mark,” "Storage Wars" star Dave Hester is battling a rapper over the use of the phrase "YUUUP!," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hester wants a court order to stop the rapper Trey Songz, who was born Tremaine Neverson, from "interfering" with his use of "YUUUP!," the piece says.

The lawsuit comes after Songz sent Hester a cease-and-desist letter that demanded the reality TV star stop using the phrase during storage auctions, with the rapper claiming "YUUUP!" has been his "signature sound" for at least two years, the story says.

Hester is claiming the two versions of "YUUUP!" sound different, and the article notes that Hester has registered "YUUUP!" three times, according to trademark records.

Other TV-related sounds have been registered as “sound marks,” the story says. Of these, the most famous might be “D’oh!,” the Homer Simpson catchphrase, which was registered by 20th Century Fox in 2008.

Another sound mark, registered by Versus in 2009, went to the word “holy” followed by a bleep, the story reports, “with a cymbal and a descending electric guitar slide in the background.”

On the other hand, Harley-Davidson tried unsuccessfully to register the sound of an idling V-twin motorcycle engine, the story adds.


  1. What about the character Lana Kane on Archer? She uses that phrase all the time with a similar inflection and that series (sneak) premiered in 2009 — well in advance of the launch of Storage Wars and the release of Trey Songz’ … um … songs.

  2. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! I’m going to “sound mark” the sound of a fart, and then demand everyone who farts to pay me royalties! The only thing dumber than rappers are the obnoxious “sound marks” they release to the people as “music!” “Skid marks” is more like it!!!!!

  3. Dave hester A boy named Sue. I hate hester with every fiber of my being. the way he acts on the show tells all on how he is in real life. a SOB in every respect of the word. first he squeals on storage wars and ruins it for everyone and probably will cause a lot of monetary loss for every one concerned with that show. and now he goes after a rapper just because he uses “YUUUP!” in a song? the man obviously has delusions of Granger is is a petty despicable shadow of a human being. and H&E should counter sue him for damages till he is forced to live in a dumpster near one of those storage units he cheated his way into!

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