Today’s Must-See Video: Fiat Reportedly Debating Whether It Can Do U.S. Version of This Commercial, or Is It Too Racy?

Nov 21, 2011  •  Post A Comment


  1. It is suggestive, yes. But I think it’s OK.

  2. Title should read, “Fiat Reportedly Paying TVWeek To Promote Video As Possibly Too Racy So They Don’t Have To Pay For Marketing Research In Order To Get Feedback”
    Must-See? Please. It’s not a bad spot, but it’s hardly controversial.

  3. Didn’t realize I was holding my breath till the reveal (which is anti-climactic, in every sense of the term).
    Too sexy for TV? Maybe. That’s why it’s so damn memorable. Love the use of Italian language.

  4. Good use of sex in a car spot – could be controversial because America’s prudish sensibility sucks

  5. if it’s a foreign spot, why are the legal supers and the announcer all in english?
    oh… by the way… why the heck not run that spot here? sure some people will complain, but they’ll sell a whole bunch ‘o cars.

  6. No matter how good or bad the ad is, the car is still butt-ugly.

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