TV Industry Warned It Faces a Bigger Threat Than Cord Cutters

Nov 29, 2011  •  Post A Comment

The biggest threat to the television industry isn’t consumers who cut their cable-TV subscriptions, warns a Credit Suisse analyst, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Company Town blog. A greater threat is young people who never sign up for a TV service to begin with, according to the analyst.

Teenagers today are tomorrow’s "cord-nevers," warns Stefan Anninger, the story says.

"They are growing up in an Internet-based video culture in which the mantras of ‘why would I pay for TV?,’ ‘pay TV is a rip-off’ and ‘I can find that for free on the Web’ are getting louder. We fear that some of these consumers will find pay TV far less relevant to their lives than do today’s adults," Anninger wrote in his report, the article says.

The analyst predicts that the multichannel video business will lose 200,000 subscribers in 2012, ending with 100.5 million.


  1. Don’t forget that fact that most teens today do not have the time to come home after school and watch TV. Their parents have them doing all sorts of activities and never give them time to relax.

  2. Bring on al a carte!!!!!!

  3. Wow, most teens are so overworked they don’t have time for TV?!
    That’s not their biggest problem…it’s social networks, video games, rave parties, drugs…
    With all that, my question is when do they do homework?

  4. They do their homework while watching TV? I’m not as worried about this as the article tries to make it. Using my own kids as a metric (I’m antenna only), one loves Family Guy, and another loves The Office, Family Guy and Parenthood. Granted, there are shows they do like to watch on Netflix…

  5. Lest they all forget, other than videos of stupid kids getting hit in the balls, or cute puppy/kitten videos, the vast majority of the content they watch online is conceived, created and generated by content providers with ties to the very industry that they supposedly despise…Good Luck with that, and let me know how it all works out for you dopes!

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