American Airlines Goes Public With Its Take on Alec Baldwin Incident; Game Company Cashes In on Actor’s Tantrum

Dec 7, 2011  •  Post A Comment

American Airlines followed up on the widely publicized Alec Baldwin tantrum incident, which we reported earlier today, by taking to Facebook to give its side of the beef, CBS News reports.

The airline did not name Baldwin, but reported that an “extremely vocal customer” refused to turn off his phone when a flight attendant asked him to do so.

The airline’s post says the customer stood up “with the seat belt light still on for departure” and went to the lavatory with the phone, the story notes.

"He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked," the post continues.

The airline says the passenger was “extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. Given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding,” the story says.

A spokesman for Baldwin, Matthew Hiltzik, commented, "He loves Words With Friends so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it," the story reports.

Baldwin issued a series of angry tweets, as reported earlier, but later deactivated his Twitter account, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Zynga, the gaming company that makes Words With Friends — the online game Baldwin was playing when he refused to turn off his phone — was quick to cash in on the publicity it got from the incident.

Zynga made “alec” today’s word of the day, USA Today reports, listing its status on the game’s Facebook page: "Word of the day: ALEC (adj.) Typically associated with ‘smart’ as its prefix to refer to a wise guy, or smarty."

The listing adds: "Worth at least 8 points! This one goes to the smart ALECs out there — playing our game at the risk of getting in trouble!"

Zynga has done well with games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, but the company’s profile received a boost from the Baldwin news.

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