Cable Companies Exploring a New Business Line

Dec 6, 2011  •  Post A Comment

As they deal with a variety of economic and technological challenges, some of the country’s top cable companies are exploring a new business line, reports the Los Angeles Times. They’re looking into home security: protecting giant HD flat-screen televisions as well as the houses around them, the story reports.

The exploration of home security comes as the cable industry is facing a number of pressures, as consumers have canceled their pay-TV subscriptions in the face of economic pressures and alternatives such as Hulu, the story notes.

"All of our research said it was a good business to go after," said Keith Burkley, Time Warner Cable’s senior vice president in charge of its Intelligent Home security system. He said he expects the market to grow to more than 30% of U.S homes from 20% currently, according to the piece.

The U.S. electronic security industry is a $33.25 billion business, the story notes.

Cable companies such as Time Warner Cable and Comcast are taking advantage of the pipeline entering their customers’ homes, which can use wireless technology to connect cameras and motion detectors, the story says.

Not everyone may be won over. "If they can’t show up for an appointment, that doesn’t give you a lot of confidence that they’re going to let you know if a burglar shows up," said Landor Associates managing partner Allen Adamson, whose firm focuses on brand building.

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  1. This is not a “new line of business” for the cable companies, as they’ve been playing in this space for the last 8-10 years. In fact, they can never seem to make up their mind whether it is a legitimate business to enter on a mass scale; instead haphazardly introducing services then pulling back.

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