Long-Lost Episodes of Cult Favorite Show From the 1960s Turn Up

Dec 12, 2011  •  Post A Comment

Episodes of a 1960s TV show that were thought to be lost have just surfaced, The Guardian reports. The show is the cult favorite sci-fi series “Dr. Who,” which has been on the air again recently in a new version.

The BBC unearthed two episodes of the original version of the show that were thought to be lost. The episodes feature two of the original actors who portrayed the title character: William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton. There’s a 1965 episode called "Airlock," with Hartnell, and a 1967 episode with Troughton called "The Underwater Menace."

"Dr. Who" has featured 11 different actors as the Time Lord, with Matt Smith currently portraying the alien. According to the newspaper, the BBC did not begin preserving the episodes until 1978. More than 100 of the earliest episodes are reportedly still missing.

The two newly found episodes were revealed yesterday at the British Film Institute’s "Missing Believed Wiped" program. A former TV engineer, Terry Burnett, bought the two episodes in the 1980s at a school fair, and was unaware that they had been considered lost by fans of the program.

The episodes will reportedly be released on DVD next year.

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