Presidential Candidate Storms Off the Set During CNN Interview

Dec 22, 2011  •  Post A Comment

One of the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination stormed off the set while being interviewed by CNN, The Atlantic Wire reports.

The story reports: “Ron Paul furrowed his eyebrows before storming off completely during a CNN interview addressing allegations that he made money and won fame with the help of a sometimes racist series of newsletters back in the 1990s.”

Paul was being questioned by CNN’s Gloria Borger, who brought up the racist newsletters. Paul initially responded: "Why don’t you go back and look at what I said yesterday on CNN and what I’ve said for 20-something years. 22 years ago? I didn’t write them, I disavow them, that’s it."

Borger stayed on the subject, according to the report, saying, "These things are pretty incendiary." That was apparently too much for Paul.

"Because of people like you," the candidate snapped back, according to the report, and then he removed his microphone and took off.

As Paul was making his exit, Borger said: "I appreciate your answering the questions, and you understand it’s our job to ask them," according to the report.

The story adds: “Later, when talking about the incident on air, ‘Situation Room’ host Wolf Blitzer suggested that Paul ‘got tired of talking about’ the allegations. ‘He clearly thinks it’s irrelevant,’ Borger told Blitzer. ‘It’s clearly a question he’d rather not be asked.’"


  1. Clearly, I’d say, Borger doesn’t understand Paul’s answer.
    Why is this person interviewing anybody, let alone presidential candidates?

  2. And you do understand that it’s your job to ask these questions on a non-partisan basis?
    No, you probably don’t. But if and when you do, you could start by asking a series of questions about Operation Fast and Furious. There are any number of people in the DOJ and the Obama administration who would provide a target-rich environment every bit as alluring as what loony tunes Ron Paul offers.

  3. Enough with the Fast & Furious already. That’s been covered to death. The guy’s running for president. He should answer for his past behavior – as every candidate should.

  4. Oh, you mean like Newt does ??!!

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