What Do Roundsearch, Facebranch and Bockmail Have In Common? Hint: There’s a TV Link

Dec 23, 2011  •  Post A Comment

What do Roundsearch, Facebranch and Bockmail have in common? They’re all websites that appeared during 2011 on TV shows, and they’re all fake, reports New York Magazine’s Vulture blog.

Television shows had a field day with creating fake website names this year, creating pseudo-search and social-networking sites including Roundsearch, Facebranch and Bockmail, the story reports.

Roundsearch was created on "American Horror Story" as a Google substitute, while "The Good Wife" character Kalinda asked to see a juror’s Facebranch page, the story notes. In "The Killing," Darren Richmond used Bockmail.

Some of the other best fake website names from TV shows included Net Wrangler on "Dexter,” Searchling on "Law & Order" and Searchblazer on "Nikita," the piece notes.

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  1. Thank You…
    After I watch “The Good Wife” S3 E11,
    I thought ‘FaceBranch’ is another version of Facebook.

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