Another Soap Opera May Be Eliminated From Daytime TV — But This One Could Get a Spot in Prime Time

Jan 18, 2012  •  Post A Comment

On the heels of cancellations last year that eliminated two long-running ABC soap operas from the daytime lineup, another daytime institution may be moved aside, TV Guide reports.

But while the news was all bad for “One Life to Live” and “All My Children,” things are looking a little brighter for “General Hospital.” The story reports that ABC may give “Hospital” a shot at prime time.

In a move to make room in syndication for Katie Couric’s new talk show, ABC is reportedly looking closely at options for its last remaining daytime drama. In one scenario that an ABC insider says is under consideration, "General Hospital" would evolve into a short-run prime-time summer drama series.

The model is similar to one that has worked for Spanish-language telenovelas. While the cost of the production might double — to about $400,000 per episode — that would still be inexpensive compared with a typical original scripted prime-time show. "General Hospital" would also have a built-in audience.

The report adds: “Meanwhile, ‘GH’ is trying to stave off cancellation by adding several favorites from the now departed ‘One Life to Live’ — Kassie DePaiva, Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson will bring their characters to Port Charles.”


  1. We don’t need any more talk or cooking shows. the Soap Operas are a way to escape and entertain yourself. The reality shows only high light how immoral we have become and promote bad behavior or values. At least the soap operas are fictional! I only watch ABC at 2:00pm now to watch General Hospital. I hope the network doesn’t cancel it either. PLEASE!!

  2. I’m only tuning into GH for Kassie DePaiva. How she sticks around because if she goes I’m not going to watch. GH has never been my thing but with Blair/Kassie I’ll be watching, for sure.

  3. If Kassie Depaiva’s Blair is there, I’ll be watching. Todd & Blair together with their daughter? Even better!

  4. So, let me get this straight…ABC cancelled the best soap opera on air, with the best cast and best production team, to give the worst soap opera a soap on prime time? It truly boggles the mind unless they realized their BONE-HEADED decision and are trying to reverse it by making some sort of GH/OLTL merger…I would definitely go along with it but ONLY if the Mannings are major players and mainly , Todd and Blair…Roger Howarth and Kassie de Paiva…If they are on, I’ll be on…If both or one of them is out, I’m out…That’s all there is to it…

  5. I am only going to give ABC/General Hospital a chance since Todd/Blair and Starr are going to be there. I returned to OLTL after many years when they brought the original Todd Manning back and reunited him with Blair. I want Todd and Blair’s characters to be a team not the constant get together/breakup even if they must only be best friends. I will follow Roger and Kassie wherever Todd and Blair’s characters go as long as they go together. Friends or lovers just not enemies. I was even willing to follow them to the internet if PP had gone through or paid a monthly fee to see their characters/OLTL live on. I hope the Mannings will be united and that they can save GH and reclaim/maintain their role as the last the great soap opera power couples.

  6. Kassie is going to save the show and give it some “LIFE”! She will come in guns loaded! We “Lifers” might only be here a few days, but we take no prisoners when we invade and kick butt into a number one soap! LOOK OUT!

  7. People are talking bull about general hospital but it’s a good show it’s my favorite I liked it’ll as we’ll but don’t hate because abc is trying to save gh you all don’t have to watch I have 150 people watching if anything you should pray that’s their lively hood they need there jobs just like we do concerned that.

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