Following the $$: If You Calculate the Bang Each Candidate Got in Iowa Per Ad Dollar Spent, Rick Perry Paid About $500 Per Vote. Guess How Much Rick Santorum Paid

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In total about $16 million was spent on political TV ads in Iowa for the Iowa Caucuses, according to The Atlantic Monthly.

The most money was spent on behalf of Rick Perry, both by his campagn and a SuperPac–a total of $6,035,705, or $478.40 for every vote Perry received, the article notes. Perry came in fourth in the GOP caucus, garnering 12,604 votes, which was 10% of the total votes cast.

That’s in contrast to Rick Santorum, who came in second in the tally by just 8 votes. TV ad money for Santorum totaled $617,740, or $20.50 for each one of the 30,007 votes he received, the article says. He received 25% of the total votes cast.

But the lowest cost per vote based on ad spending was by Michele Bachmann. It only cost her $3.95 for each vote she received. But she came in last among the candidates who actively campaigned in Iowa.

The Atlantic Monthly article notes that it is citing stats compiled by Buzzfeed.

Here’s the breakdown for the other GOP candidates who were in Iowa:

Mitt Romney–Total ad spend was $4,665,342, or $154.90 for each vote he received

Ron Paul–Total ad spend was $2,717,416, or $103.30 for each vote he received.

Newt Gingrich–Total ad spend was $1,482,233, or $89.84 for each vote he received.

Michele Bachmann–Total ad spend was $24,135, or $3.95 for each vote she received.

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